Dynamic Duo: Team Toolkit

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Education:  Event Reporting & Mobile  Vaccine Team Requests

If you prefer paper, you can also report the metrics using this form:

Event Cover Sheet_Revised.pdf

Submit any paper forms to SC Witness Project Director.

You can also request a vaccine clinic by emailing: hopeinsc@gmail.com

Need help finding a vaccine?  Call: 1-800-232-0233

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Community Presentation 

Community Presentation Version 1.pptx



NCOA Flyer 1.docx
NCOA Flyer 2.docx
Host a Vaccine Clinic.pdf
Vaccine Event Request Promotion.pdf
Vaccine Event Request Promotion 2.pdf

Educational Flyers

Long Term Symptom Identifiers.pdf
Covid Payment Flowchart Fall 2023 by BT.pdf
QR Codes- Long Covid.pdf
Covid Vaccine Timeline by BT.pdf